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Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

Mama chouchou is a website about balanced and non restrictive nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Here you will find information rooted on evidence-based medicine, which means results from well designed and conducted research, written in a easy way to understand. Nutrition is everywhere (on your daily meals, magazines, newspaper, on advise you receive from all kinds of sources) and there’s unfortunately a lot of false or misleading information, so the origin of your information is crucial. During pregnancy there are major changes going on in your body and an extra need of nutrients for you and your baby. A nutrition support during this time can improve several pregnancy outcomes.


The view of this website is that nutrition is a key factor contributing to both yours and your baby's health during pregnancy. Between all the things you need, you should and you can't eat for 9 months and beyond, you would do yourself a big favor if you keep in mind that what you eat should nurture you as well as give you pleasure. I hope this website can help you find that balance. You can find me in São Paulo for an individual nutritional counselling.





More Love, please

For a blog about nutrition this title sounds, to say the least a little weird, although it may sound very appropriate, if we think about all the things that have been happening in the world. Let us put the problems of the world just for a moment aside and talk about a relationship. Not any relationship, but the one between you and what you eat, you and your nutrition. It may not seem like a relationship, but it really is, if you think about it. We chose what we eat (at least that’s how it should be), and what we eat can release all kinds of feelings and emotions. Happiness, sadness, comfort, discomfort, joy, boredom, pleasure, guilt, satisfaction, anxiety, remind you of people, places, times, the list goes on and on. Food is with you in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health. But why do some people have more successful relationships with their food and eating than others? The answer to this question is very complex, is above all individual and it dependes on many things. This post doesn't have the pretension to answer this, but only to make an analogy that may help you see your relationship to food differently and, maybe, who knows, help things between you two.

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what can good nutrition do for you?

Eating right can help you gain weight in a healthy way and within a healthy range, it can help you achieve your daily recommendations on iron, calcium and other key nutrients for mom and baby.

for a good cause

Here you will find news or projects about the big health issues related to food or the lack of it.

Healthy and easy recipes

To cook your own meal is very important to your health and a great activity to do with your kids! On the other hand, how will you find time to do it, right? Here you will find easy nutritious recipes that don't take much of your time. One click at the pic, please.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

– Hippocrates