Luane Martiniano - CRN3-42836

Why I am a nutritionist

I’m very passionate about the idea that we can take care of ourselves through something as simple and common as eating, that’s why I’m a nutritionist. During college I was always fascinated about the physiologic changes that women go through during pregnancy and how amazing it is that we can grow little human beings inside us. How and what we eat during this beautiful time is one small but very important way to help our body and soul go through this and to ensure that both mom and baby are healthy and happy.

About me

I’m Brazilian and love my country, but I kind of also consider myself a citizen of the world. I lived in France for a short while and in Germany (my home away from home) for a long period of time, and I travel at pretty much any chance i get :) Now I live in São Paulo, where the food is amazing! The purpose of this blog is to share information (in portuguese and english, sometimes in german and french) concerning nutrition and health during pregnancy and lactation. If you like what you read, are pregnant or planing to get pregnant and want a professional personalised nutrition counsel and meal plan development just contact me and we can set up an appointment.

Academic and professional profile